Audio Guide

  • Building

    Acropolis of Athens

    The Acropolis has been traditionally considered a national and cultural symbol of Greece, but in 1995 a cultural heritage organisation filed a lawsuit in an attempt to have the whole monument classified.

    Year: 5 BC
    time: 10 min
  • Sculpture

    Athenian Vase Painting

    In Greek pottery, simple shapes and design motifs convey formalised ideas of harmony and purity. Many mythological and religious symbols appear on pots, usually with particular emphasis on the heads, feet.

    Year: 530 BC
    time: 22 min
  • philosophy

    Socrates: Life & Philosophy

    Socrates appeared as a character in a number of literary works, ranging from humorous satires, to tragedies and historical romances. The character most closely resembling the Socrates of ancient Athens.

    Year: 470–399 BC
    time: 15 min